A fluorescence scanning instrument AFIAS is to be used in conjunction with various AFIAS tests which are based on antigen – antibody reaction and fluorescence technology (Fluorescence’s Immuno-Assay).AFIAS -1 is a versatile desktop immuno-analyzer comes with LIS/HIS connectivity, all in one cartridge. It is LIS ready can connect with (LAN/WIFI).

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AFIAS-1 (AFIAS-automated fluorescent immunoassay system) is an automatic immunoassay system that measures the concentration of a targeted analyte in a sample, using quantitative or semi-quantitative methods using blood, urine, and other samples. The AFIAS-1 reader is easy to carry and has a simple structure. Also, AFIAS-1 uses all-in-one cartridges which automates the entire procedures from sample preparation to test when user loads sample only.
Since AFIAS-1 uses a single channel, it is optimized for small and mid-sized hospitals (or clinics) testing up to 10 samples per hour. For some tests, such as TSH, CRP, PCT, and HbA1c, a quantitative test can be performed using a small sample (10uL or 50uL) of whole blood from a finger or heel using an applicable C-tip (capillary tip).



Interface Expansion of user interface through adoption of Android OS
Display 5 “touch panel provides operational stability and quick response
Data storage and update Available to store and search large amount of test results
– Patient test results (5,000), Quality control (5,000), ID Chip (500), User ID (100)
Data back-up and OS update using SD card
Optical technology Fluorescent optical module for high sensitive / semi-quantitative test available
Measurement modes Single and multimode testing, QC (quality control), calibration and review (result saving) mode
Stability Reduced risk of test error based on the equation saving function
Connectivity Built-in printer, improved wired / wireless connectivity, LIS / HIS communication
USB hub chip supporting 4 USB ports
Convenience Keyboard adaptable for non-touchpad user
Improved convenience to input sample ID and tester ID
Dimensions 320 mm (L) x 204 mm (W) x 180 mm (H)
Weight 3.9 kg
Power supply 100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz, 1.5 A
Data output 5” touch color LCD
Communication ports USB 4 ports, LAN port, RS-232
Temperature range for operation 15 ~ 35 °C
Temperature/humidity Temperature -20 ~ 50°C, Humidity Max. 70%
Data output LCD, built-in printer, RS-232 port
Test result storage Patient test results (5,000) / System check results (100)
Standard material (control) test results (5,000)
Save of ID chip information 500 ID chips (Max. 5 LOTs per each item)
Throughput Max. 10 tests per hour (different depending on item)
Tests Offered


Product class Test items Sample type Working ranges
Cardiac Tn-I Plus WB/S/P 0.01-15.00 ng/mL
Cardiac CK-MB WB/S/P 3 - 100 ng/ml
Cardiac D-Dimer WB/P 50 - 10,000 ng/ml
Cardiac NT-proBNP WB/S/P 10 - 30,000 pg/mL
Cardiac Myoglobin WB/S/P 2 - 500 ng/ml
Cancer PSA WB/S/P 0.5 - 100.0 ng/ml
Cancer AFP WB/S/P 5 - 350.0 ng/ml
Cancer CEA S/P 1 - 500 ng/ml
Diabetes HbA1c WB (NGSP) 4 - 15%
Diabetes Microalbumin Urine 2 - 300 mg/L
Hormone TSH S/P 0.09 - 80.00 pIU/mL
Hormone TSH WB 0.4 - 80.0 pIU/mL
Hormone T3 S/P 0.77 - 7.70 nmol/L
Hormone T4 S/P 10.23 - 300.00 nmol/L
Hormone FSH S/P 1 - 100 mIU/mL
Hormone Total phCG WB/S/P 5 - 50,000 mIU/mL
Hormone LH S/P 1 - 100 mIU/mL
Hormone PRL S/P 1 - 10 ng/ml
Hormone Testosterone S/P 1 - 10 ng/mL
Hormone Cortisol WB/S/P 80 - 800 nmol/L
Infection CRP WB/S/P 0.5 - 200.0 mg/L
Infection PCT WB/S/P 0.1 - 100.0 ng/mL
Infection PCT Plus WB/S/P 0.02 - 50.0 ng/mL
Infection ROTO Feces qualitative
Infection Rota/Adeno Feces qualitative
Infection NORO Feces qualitative
Infection HBsAg WB/S/P 0 - 300 COI
Infection Anti-HBs WB/S/P 0 - 500 mIU/mL
Infection Anti-HCV WB/S/P 0-300 COI
Infection Dengue NS1 Ag WB/S/P qualitative
Infection Dengue IgG/IgM WB/S/P qualitative
Infection Zika IgG/IgM WB/S/P qualitative
Infection HIV Ag/Ab WB/S/P qualitative
Others Ferritin S/P 10 - 1,000 ng/mL
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