A fluorescence scanning instrument AFIAS is to be used in conjunction with various AFIAS tests which are based on antigen – antibody reaction and fluorescence technology (Fluorescence’s Immuno-Assay).AFIAS -1 is a versatile desktop immuno-analyzer comes with LIS/HIS connectivity, all in one cartridge. It is LIS ready can connect with (LAN/WIFI).


AFIAS-6 (AFIAS-automated fluorescent immunoassay system) is an automated fluorescent immunoassay system that uses blood, urine, and other samples to measure quantitatively or semi-quantitatively the concentration of targeted analyte. AFIAS -6 which has advantages like Fluorescent optical module for high sensitive / semi-quantitative test and dual measurement modes makes it easy to use. Able to run six multiple tests simultaneously.

CalFast Reader

Calprest has made it easier to analyze bowel inflammations with accurate and non-invasive method. It helps in differentiating inflammatory bowel disease and irritable bowel syndrome. Ability to give quantitative measurement of calprotectin which causes bowel inflammations helps the doctors to diagnose the patients for effectively and are easily able to differentiate between IBD and IBS.

hemochroma PLUS

This instrument is used to check the total hemoglobin concentration in blood. It’s easy to operate, fast, reliable and small dimensions compared with large analyzers is a boon to any blood banks. Its portability is an advantage to many who would go in for quick health checkups.


I chamber comes along with I chroma instruments, it’s an auxiliary device used to run tests at specific temperatures. Used to create an environment on which tests like HBA1c and Vitamin D can be done. Use of this ensures test results are accurate and at mark.

ichroma™ ll

i Chroma- II is one of our fastest moving product which has been changing the way point of care instruments are seen. Small in size and its ability to carry out tests ranging over 50 parameters, has revolutionized the way POCT functions today. With its unmatched features this is becoming the choice of many Corporate Labs, Diagnostic Labs and Hospitals.

ichroma™ TRIAS Reader

TRIAS reader is built to measure various diseases such as respiratory diseases. At present, only influenza is used, other respiratory diseases are under process and would be launched soon. ichroma™ TRIAS Reader is a device which experts having knowledge of clinical testing use and infectious waste management, as it is a dedicated device for rapid examination of infectious diseases.


An automatic immunoassay analyzer that measures the concentration of targeted analyte in body fluids. ichroma™-50 is designed to analyze and process large volumes of samples and can run up to eighty tests in one hour. Two different items can be tested in bulk at the same time.


Nephstar is a protein analyzer instrument which helps in rapid quantitative measurement of specific proteins in blood and urine samples. It’s an ideal instrument to have for small laboratories and as a backup analyzer for large laboratories. Having a patented technology it is the real new generation protein analyzer. Results can be obtained within 15 seconds to 2 minutes.

Piccolo Xpress

Piccolo Xpress has been made to improve patient management, reducing the costs and increasing the efficiency of care. With its ability to give test results in 12 minutes health care industry people can diagnose the patients in a single visit.

Sclavo Kos 1

A one channel coagulation it’s comes in two ranges able to perform clotting, chromogenic or immunno-turidimetris assays. Eight reagents kits are available along with calibrator and control plasmas.

Sclavo Kos 2

A two channel coagulation, able to perform clotting, chromogenic or immune-turbidimetric assays. Having a five point calibration curve for each test along with a magnetic stirrer for reagents. Covering 8 test panels.

Smart 700 | 340

Smart analysers have a made a difference in their application for hospitals and ICU Laboratories around the world. Rapid diagnosis covering inflammation, coagulation and renal functions this makes it a lifesaving instrument with real time data. Quick single parameter detection when time counts.

Vet Chroma

One of the latest addition in our wide range of products is Vet chroma which is a Point of Care Instrument introduced in the field of veterinary focusing on canine and feline. Its high accuracy and reproducibility along with simple testing methods gives quick and accurate results. It’s simple and easy to use.

VetScan HM5

It’s a fully automated instrument offering a comprehensive 24 parameter complete blood cell count. This is a 5 part cell counter. Results are obtained within 4 minutes, can be used as 3 parts also. Comes with an internal printer and compatible with multiple USB printers. Results are derived by 3 simple steps. A must have product for all veterinary clinics and institutes.

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