Vet Chroma

One of the latest addition in our wide range of products is Vet chroma which is a Point of Care Instrument introduced in the field of veterinary focusing on canine and feline. Its high accuracy and reproducibility along with simple testing methods gives quick and accurate results. It’s simple and easy to use.

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Vet Chroma is a quantitative automatic in-vitro diagnostic device that measures the concentration of analytes, contained in serum and plasma. Compared to the first-generation device, it has an improved user interface and display and an advanced optical system, which provide the user with disease test options in the wide range.

The Vet Chroma was designed to improve data input efficiency and wireless communication connectivity through separately purchasable accessories and program update can be proceeded easily using SD card. In particular, the use of batteries improves portability, which is one of the biggest advantages of point-of-care testing (POCT) equipment and ensures reliable testing in unstable power environments.


Dimensions 276 mm (L) x 220 mm (W) x 91 mm (H)
Weight 1.3 kg
Motor Stepper Linear Actuator (5V, 0.34A)
Power supply DC 12V/5A, AC/DC Adaptor, (AA battery) DC 1.5V X 4ea.
Data output 7-inch touch color LCD
Communication ports USB 4 ports, LAN port, USB OTG port
Operation temperature/ humidity  range 15 ~ 35 °C
Storage temperature/humidity range 20 ~ 50°C, Humidity Max. 70%
Number of ID chip for storage 500 ID chips (Max. 5 LOTs per each item)
Tests Offered

Upcoming Parameters

Animal Marker Disease Sample Range
Canine cTSH Hormone Serum/Plasma 0.1 - 5 ng/ml
Canine Tnl Cardiac function Serum/Plasma 0 - 10 ng/ml
Canine AFP Cancer Serum/Plasma 5 - 350 ng/ml
Canine Fructose anime Diabetes Serum/Plasma 100 - 500 nmol/L
Canine cHW Infectious Whole blood/Plasma LOD : 50 pg/ml
Feline fSAA Inflammation Serum/Plasma 5 - 150 ng/ml
Feline FIV Infectious Whole blood LOD : 10 pg/ml
Feline FLV Infectious Whole blood LOD : 10 pg/ml
Canine & Feline cPL/fPL pancreatitis Serum/Plasma 50 - 600 ug/L (Canine)
1 - 6 ug/L (Feline)
Canine & Feline NT-Pro BNP Cardiac function Serum/Plasma 300 - 2000 pmol/L (Canine)
50 - 400 pmol/L (Feline)
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