hemochroma PLUS

This instrument is used to check the total hemoglobin concentration in blood. It’s easy to operate, fast, reliable and small dimensions compared with large analyzers is a boon to any blood banks. Its portability is an advantage to many who would go in for quick health checkups.

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Hemochroma PLUS is an in vitro diagnostic device dedicated to quantitative testing of total hemoglobin concentration in the blood. It is lightweight with small dimensions and battery operated. It is easy to operate and convenient. It provides accurate and reliable inspection results compared with large analyzers.



Interface Expansion of user interface through graphic interface
Display 3.2” TFT Color LCD providing high visibility
Data storage and update Available to store and search large amount of test results (up to 1,000)
Test results are easily distinguished from calibrator measurement results
Convenient update using ID chip
optical technology Absorbance analysis system
Connectivity Data output available through external printer connection
Convenience Finger-prick and tube blood available
(Finger blood collection and pipetting available)
Dimensions 106.5 mm (L) x 151 mm (W) x 38.5 mm (H)
Weight 215 ± 3 g
Power supply Battery (AA 1.5V x 4ea) / Adaptor
Data output 3.2” TFT color LCD
Communication ports USB to RS-232 port
Temperature range for operation 15 ~ 35 °C
Temperature/Humidity range for storage Temperature 15 ~ 50°C, Humidity Max. 75%
Data output LCD, thermal printer (option)
Test result storage Test results up to 1,000
Test method Absorbance analysis method
Measuring time 3sec
Samples Capillary, tube blood
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